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My Anime Reviews: Cowboy Bebop

There’s a distinct lack of cowboys and probably Bebop. Not sure what Bebop is, actually.




daechuri, korea then and now…

We stand in solidarity with Pyeongtaek farmers

We stand in solidarity with the people of Daechuri and Doduri, South Korea who are protecting their homes, land, and livelihood from the U.S. military. We believe that the U.S. military must cease and desist its forced eviction of Pyeongtaek farmers. We demand that the governments of South Korea and the U.S. review and re-negotiate the planned expansion of the U.S. military base in Pyeongtaek.

The South Korean government should immediately withdraw all military troops from Daechuri and Doduri, allow the villagers to enter their fields, and retract its plan for the destruction of houses and villages. The government must also make a public apology to the public for committing violence against its people and immediately release all prisoners. In addition, the South Korean government should reverse its agreement to the U.S. military “strategic flexibility” plan, of which the Pyeongtaek base expansion is a result. This shift toward “strategic flexibility” in U.S. military policy will only strengthen U.S. imperial ambitions in East Asia and threaten to unleash a crisis of war in the region.

The forcible displacement of Pyeongtaek farmers violates the housing rights specified in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Culture Rights, and the freedoms of body, of residence and transfer, of expression and of association as specified in the International Covenant on Civil and Politic Rights. The Korean government is party to both of these agreements. Already hundreds of people have been injured by South Korean riot police and hired thugs, simply for protecting themselves and their land from the impending social, cultural, economic, and environmental destruction caused by yet another U.S. military base.


Noam Chomsky

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korean farmers have their land, livelihood and homes taken from them and destroyed, so an american military base can build a water park.

when the supervillains are the united states

I just don’t understand this shit at all.

You lazy asses just aren’t content with the fact that Korea already has Lotte World, Caribbean Bay, Everland, etc.

No, you have to build another fucking amusement park oN LAND PEOPLE DEPEND OFF OF TO SURVIVE

Korea already has to import a lot of produce and meats and other foods because they can’t just survive off of what farms are making, but now they have to import eVEN MORE which raises the prices on the goods because they’re not gonna be in good supply.

And then these troops are gonna start complaining over the fact that everything’s expensive in Korea when it’s your asses freaking faults.

They’re gonna start destroying grocery stores soon because they aren’t content with the fucking shopping malls.

Keep on destroying lives and jobs.


let’s take a moment how much Kim Tan thinks so highly about his looks


Juria ♥


Juria ♥


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